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A Personal Note and Thank you From Us

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Hi Friends, 

I wanted to write you a personal note to thank you for the ongoing support you have given us during these difficult times. 

As a family-owned small business, 2020 has been an interesting year! The nation-wide ban on music festivals and local markets in Australia saw our usual haunts disappear overnight and left us feeling a little bit lost. Suddenly we were left without our retail opportunities, our customers or opportunities to spread the Vesica mission. Small businesses and artisans alike are suffering greatly under these tight restrictions.

The 6 years since I opened Vesica have been a whirlwind. What started as a passion for all things eco-friendly, and a love for making natural leather products, grew as my family grew and quickly became my livelihood. I rely on the support of amazing people like you to keep Vesica thriving as a business.

That being said, you’ll notice a few changes popping up around here. The time to focus on our little home on the web has meant that we are finally launching our newsletter! We’ll be sharing bi-monthly updates, eco-living tips, new products launches as well as exclusive discounts and offers.

We will be sharing handy tips and actionable advice for navigating eco-friendly living more regularly on the Vesica blog. Don’t forget to keep checking in over there to keep up with our latest posts. We’d love to hear your ideas for future blogs or stories of adventures you’ve had with your beloved Vesica products, so feel free to get in touch with us! 

I’m so excited to give Vesica a voice and connect with the amazing friends I’ve met along the way, who I’ve missed greatly.

We’re also taking this opportunity to give a little back and reward all of you wonderful ambassadors, and passionate promotors leading the plastic-free revolution, with the Vesica affiliate program.

If you’ve ever been complimented on your water bottle and graciously shared our details with a new friend or internet pals and then thought, ‘I really should be getting a kick-back for every person that asks me about my bottle…or tea infuser.’

Well, now you can!

Simply, sign up here, share a short link or show them a QR code to scan. Then any purchases they make can be traced back to you and we’ll pay you a %.

My super supportive customer base and quality product offering have been the building blocks that have kept Vesica standing all these years. I can’t wait to grow the Vesica family even further through the affiliate program.

There are plenty of other ways you can show your support to small businesses during this time. Of course, investing in some new products for yourself or loved ones is amazing but there are plenty of ways that you can support us without spending any money at all. These include: 

  • Writing a review on the Vesica Facebook page.
  • Following us on Instagram and liking/commenting on/sharing our posts.
  • Posting pictures of your Vesica products, using our hashtag #MyVesica
  • ….Giving #MyVesica a search and connecting with other Vesica friends.
  • Sending us a message with your love, photographs and stories of your Vesica products.
  • Subscribing to our newsletter.
  • Telling your friends and family about us!

Thank you again for choosing Vesica and for continuing your eco-friendly journey with us. Keep in touch!


Shane x

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