Have you lost the strap from you Vesica water bottle?
Clip on the strap lost it’s spring or pops opens?
Kangaroo lacing looking a little old and cracked?
Maybe the twine has worn through after years of love and needs restitching?

No matter the issue with your Vesica product, help is just an email away.
We’re happy to repair any leather work any time!
All Vesica leather cases and straps come with a one year guarantee. Repairs and replacements are inexpensive and simple.
If you treat your Vesica water bottle case with care it can last for a lifetime, or maybe you’d just like to replace the leather case only and reuse your old shoulder strap. We can work something out.

If the clips on your shoulder strap have broken and are worn out, a new pair can be sent to you with instructions on how to change them. A new supplier with a higher quality clip will be use from January 2022.

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