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September is the National Biodiversity Month. Every year Biodiversity Month is held to advocate the importance of protecting, conserving and improving Australia’s biodiversity.  So, what is biodiversity? Why does biodiversity matter to us? What can you do for biodiversity?  Biodiversity means the abundance and variety of life on the planet. A biologically diverse natural environment is essential to human health, well-being and prosperity. It provides us with everything from the air that we breathe, to
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Hi Friends,  I wanted to write you a personal note to thank you for the ongoing support you have given us during these difficult times.  As a family-owned small business, 2020 has been an interesting year! The nation-wide ban on music festivals and local markets in Australia saw our usual haunts disappear overnight and left us feeling a little bit lost. Suddenly we were left without our retail opportunities, our customers or opportunities to spread
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What does it mean to be ‘Eco-Friendly’? Being ‘Eco-Friendly’ and ‘Eco-Conscious’ are such trendy things to do these days – it seems like every other person is getting on the ‘Zero Waste’ bandwagon and hype. Or at least we seem to hear these words flung around so often now that they seem to have become slightly ambiguous or may have lost a bit of significance and meaning. Because I don’t think just swapping out your
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ECO-FRIENDLY QUIZ: How Eco-Conscious are you? Below are some questions that you can answer Yes or No. You consider your food waste and think it’s important to compost? You eat mostly whole foods, organic, vegetarian, vegan or mostly plant based? You like to sit and be still for moments during the day to listen to the world? You enjoy being in nature – going for walks, visiting national parks, waterfalls, beach, camping, travel & eco-tourism.
What’s with all this Plastic at Festivals? So I’ve been around the festival circuit in Australia and abroad for quite some time now and I’ve noticed that there’s been a real trend happening from both festival organisers and punters when it comes to trash and managing waste… The interesting thing is that often I see this contradiction when it comes to rubbish and this environmentally friendly conversation… and that’s these seemingly eco-friendly festivals presenting themselves