Dreamed in California
Created in Melbourne
Birthed in Byron Bay
Vesica is evolving to be one of Australia’s leading brands of sustainable eco-friendly products. We’re committed to offering high-quality sustainable products that are designed to last and equals less waste going into landfills.
How often do you use something you’ve bought – a dozen times, or just once and thrown it away?
Reducing your plastic footprint isn’t that hard. By simply purchasing naturally growing, sustainable and renewable products you use in your everyday life can be the first step towards a zero plastic future.
Disposable plastic water bottles are Vesica’s number one target. By taking your own reusable water bottle and basic water filter, you will drastically reduce the size of your plastic footprint.
To make our durable water bottle cases, Vesica sources genuine leather from a variety of places. We love using second hides, which are near perfect and it’s easy to work around small blemishes.

The majority of the leather we use is from a family-owned company in SE Queensland. Other leathers come from a family-owned tannery outside Ballarat, Victoria. Where they still practice the age-old art of dying leather with natural tree tannins.
We love to source local, reusing any suitable leather offcuts and random pieces we find along the way. This creates or short and sweet collections, and rare one-off cases.
Vesica water bottles and thermoses are lightweight and durable. Made from .5mm 18/8 stainless steel that is 100% safe to drink from and recyclable.

They come from a reputable and qualified BPA-free drink-ware manufacturer in China. We’ve been happily working with them for a few years now and we share a common vision to reduce plastic consumption. 99% of all reusable water bottles are manufactured in China or India. Using local is simply impossible and unviable.

But what’s more bazaar?

Instead, within our crazy economic paradigm, iron ore is mined and shipped from Northern Australia over to Asia. Where it’s made into a variety of steel products, then imported back to Australia and throughout the earth.
We love using Bamboo! It’s an amazing product due to its rapid growth, strength and versatility – from socks to floors, tops and doors. Bamboo will even break down when you throw it in your compost bin or bury it in the ground.
Vesica is always looking at expanding into a wider variety of sustainable products that improve your health and the wellbeing of our planet. The economic – eco-system balance is an interesting one that we all have to find our place within.
At Vesica we believe… if it’s not affordable ~ It’s not sustainable. Choosing to reuse is an investment that soon pays for itself