Terms & Conditions

  1. Placing an order
    1. Placing an Order online is a legally binding contract. Each Customer will be provided with a Tax Invoice.
    2. VESICA reserves the right to cancel and refund any Order at any time at VESICA discretion.
    3. Changes made to any Order after the Order and payment has been processed may at the discretion of VESICA incur an additional fee of $5.00 which will be paid by the Customer.
  2. Payments and Shipping
    1. VESICA provides a shipping estimate only, if shipping charges are greater than estimated at the time of purchase. You will be notified of any excess chargers before product is shipped.
    2. All prices for Products listed on the VESICA website are inclusive of GST but exclusive of shipping costs.
    3. All Orders will be subject to the terms and conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions.
    4. Failure to pay an Order in accordance with these Terms and Conditions may result in debt collection measures taken by VESICA to recover monies and the Customer will be liable for any recollection costs incurred by VESICA.
    5. VESICA uses the services of PAYPAL and SQUARE to process secure payments through their secure website and payment gateway system.
    6. All orders will receive a confirmation email in the form of a Tax Invoice.
    7. The Customer must provide VESICA with a valid shipping address; we do not ship to post office boxes.
    8. Orders for in-stock Products will be dispatched by VESICA usually with in 3-5 working days. Custom cases will take 2 weeks due to individual assemble and possibly restock the item; please allow 2 weeks for some custom cases.
    9. Products shipped within Australia will normally be received by the Customer within 3-7 Business Days of the Order being posted.
    10. VESICA will use its best to ensure products are delivered promptly.
    11. Products not in-stock at the time the Order is made will be received by the Customer within 3-7 Business days of the relevant Product being received by VESICA.
    12. The Customer will be notified where there is delay of more than 14 days on an out of stock Product. In these circumstances, the Customer will have the option to choice a different item, receive a refund or credit for the outstanding amount of the Product where they have already paid the amount due.
    13. VESICA uses Australia Post and couriers as its primary provider of Product delivery.
    14. VESICA shall apply shipping and handling charges dependent on delivery location of each Order.
  3. Cancellation
    1. Customers should select Products carefully as VESICA is under no obligation to cancel orders and refund monies where an incorrect decision or selection has been made.
  4. Compatibility
    1. VESICA is under no obligation to ensure compatibility between components.
    2. It is up to the customer to first research and to confirm that a part will be compatible and suitable for their application prior to purchase.  VESICA is not responsible if a case does not fit an intended bottles other than an 800ml or 532ml VESICA stainless steel water bottle.
    3. VESICA will not be held liable for any damages or losses caused by compatibility issues or damage caused by fitting any case to any water bottle.
  5. Return of Products
    1. All Goods are packaged and checked to ensure that the Products are delivered in a satisfactory condition.
    2. Any Product returns will be at the postage expense of the Customer.
    3. Colours; cases, lacing and leather may vary in colour due to individual screen settings. VESICA does its best to provide accurate depictions of its Products colours.
    4. Leather is a natural fibre and may vary in tones and contain marks or blemishes. Every case is made to meet our high standard of quality, often these abrasions are surface, cases are made to last for years with general wear and tear. Customers should contact VESICA’s Customer Service Department on our contact page with any concerns regarding:
      1. defective or damaged Products; or
      2. wrong Products delivered, within 10 days of the Customer’s receipt of the Products.
      3. bottles and accessories can be returned to VESICA via postage; RETURN ADDRESS WITH BE SENT VIA EMAIL.
  6. Warranty Information
    1. VESICA offers a 12-month limited warranty on its leather cases. Customers should note that the VESICA warranty may be void where a Customer:
      1. operates a Product outside the VESICA documented specifications;
      2. intentionally damages or misuses a Product.
      3. bottles and accessories can be returned to for review: ADDRESS WITH BE SENT VIA PRIVATE EMAIL.
    2. Customers should contact VESICA’s Customer Service Department via the contact us page with any concerns regarding warranties issues.
    3. VESICA stainless steel water bottles come with a 5 year warranty against defects. We will not cover damage to the lid caused by persons using the bail arm (loop) to open their bottle.
    4. Under any circumstances NO hot water should be put into a single wall VESICA water bottle! Adding hot water to a single lined bottle with a leather case will cause irreversible damage to the leather.
    5. Avoid contact between leather cases and salt water, as it will dry out the leather causing to go brittle and crack.
    6. Do not freeze any stainless steel water bottles or VESICA product; doing so will void any warranty.
    7. Do not put any bamboo product in the dishwasher.
    8. The clips attached to the leather strap are designed to go through both holes on each side of the leather case. This provides a very strong anchor point that will last for years to come. For warranty or repairs for such damages, VESICA will request photos of the tears or damages, before the case is to be returned (at customers expense) for review before issuing a refund or replacement case.
    9. VESICA offers a 3-month warranty on the hinges and lens of all sunglasses sold but can not be liable for breakages of the frames, so please treat them nice. Vesica is happy to attempt to repair any breakages or replace parts at cost after warranty expiration.
  7. Title to products
    1. The customer agrees that property and ownership in the Products will not pass to the Customer until full payment for the Order and all other amounts owing by the Customer to VESICA have been received by VESICA.
  8. Limitation of Liability
    1. No liability whatsoever (except as provided by the law) will be accepted by VESICA for any damages or losses arising from or as a consequence of either late delivery, mis-delivery or non-delivery of goods or any other act or default on the part of VESICA or any employee, servant, agent or contractor of VESICA in relation to an Order.
    2. VESICA’s liability is limited to the cost of the Product purchased from VESICA.
    3. All of the Products sold are to be used at the Customer’s own risk and VESICA is in no way liable for any loss, damage or injuries suffered from installation or use of the Product.
    4. All images displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only, and all specifications shown are true and accurate to the best of knowledge at the time of publication.

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