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As we endeavor to reduce our plastic footprint, traditional menstrual sanitary pads and tampons are fast becoming outdated. They can often leave you feeling uncomfortable, dry and unprotected during your moon-cycle. There are only benefits when it comes to switching to using a reusable Vesica menstrual cup and that includes:
Vesica menstrual cup benefits

Make your next cycle cleaner and greener with a high-quality Vesica menstrual cup.
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Made from medical-grade silicone, unlike other sanitary products that often contain harmful chemicals such as bleach and pesticides – your menstrual cup is not going to leech damaging toxins into your body through your sensitive skin.

While a tampon only holds 5 to 9 grams of liquid, a menstrual cup can hold almost five times that amount. No more worrying about embarrassing leaks. You can even sleep with your cup in without harming your body or waking up to spots and stains on the bed.

You only have to buy the Vesica menstrual cup once and if treated with care it will last you up to 10 years to a lifetime! Say goodbye to buying sanitary products every month – think of how much money you’ll save! We calculated 40yrs = approximately 480 menstrual cycles. With an average cost of $10-15 per cycle depending on brands, this equates to $5000-$7000 which is money you can save or spend on something else.

A woman produces nearly half a ton of waste from tampons and pads during her lifetime. Not to mention all the plastic packaging involved and resources it takes to produce! These are one of the largest contributors to landfill globally and can take up to 500 years to fully breakdown and decompose. The Vesica menstrual cup is one of the most environmentally conscious purchases you can make as a woman in todays plastic age!

A menstrual cup leaves less time to worry about your period and more time enjoying the things you love! Love your body, love your life, love your period.

Small cotton tote bag comes with every cup for storage between cycles.

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