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Jah Sunglasses – Maple & Walnut

$115.00 $99.00
Universal and ultra stylish. Jah is one of Vesica's most popular styles due to the blend of earthy tones in the walnut and maple wood. This shape suits nearly all male faces and ladies looking for a broader, full-faced frame. With a light grey lens for a touch of neutral colour, helping diversify the look of these wooden sunglasses for all occasions.    

Orion Sunglasses – Brown Bamboo

$115.00 $99.00
We made the Orion style to be a little retro, but with a modern bamboo feel. If you’re not feeling the more circular shape of Brooklyn or Mojo, Orion is a nice middle ground that shapes the nose and cheeks perfectly for a longer face. Dark brown stained bamboo frame with warm sepia tone lens.

Tide Sunglasses – Brown Bamboo

$115.00 $70.00
For something a little different, bold and ultra cool, check out Tide.  With the metal bridge detailing, these frames have an urban, metro, modern, cutting edge vibe with the classic shape adding a hipster edge.   They're also great for those hot summer days, with the lighter bridge providing more breathing room and airflow around the face.   The wood is a classy and environmentally friendly dark brown stained bamboo, and the lenses are an ultra high shine, reflective silver, handy if you're short of a mirror and need to check the hair ;) This shape suits most men's faces and ladies looking for a broader frame with a unisex, fashionable, modern metro vibe.