Vesica Bamboo toothbrush made from environmentally sustainable bamboo. Remove that awful plastic brush from your life and make the switch to sustainable.

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Bamboo Toothbrush

6 x Vesica bamboo toothbrush  ($4.16 each)
  • Soft nylon-4 bristles
  • Small head for easy cleaning in hard to reach areas
  • Square handle for ergonomic handling
Why packs of 6? A. Because unless you plan to stop brushing your teeth... you're going to need them! B. To save you time and money, 6 toothbrushes should see you stocked up for a year or two. C. Directly stops another 6 plastic toothbrushes ending up in a landfill or waterway creating toxic plastic waste. Stash a few away in your bathroom and give some away to friends or family to try. Guarantee they'll love them too and together we can make the change to a plastic-free future. Choose the number of white or black bristles you'd like. If you select none, 3 black and 3 white will be sent automatically