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Vesica Christmas Gift Guide


It’s that time of year again! The gift-giving season is upon us, and along with the added stress of what to buy is the indulgence that it brings, but can we do this ethically?

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Now that we have entered the new month of December and last shipping dates fast approaching, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up our top picks that will help you to take a more conscious approach to Christmas gifting this year. 

Discover our sustainable gift ideas that keep on giving, not only to your loved ones but to the planet too. We’ve listed our top picks for food lovers, adventure seekers, festival lovers and travellers! Scroll down for some serious eco-inspiration!

Christmas gifts for food lovers:

Coconut bowl 

Vesica coconut bowl breakfast scaled 1
Vesica coconut bowl breakfast scaled 1

No eco-food lover should be without a coconut bowl. The Vesica coconut bowls are 100% natural, biodegradable & hand-crafted to perfection. Each coconut bowl has it’s own unique natural shape and is perfect for serving fruits, ice cream, smoothie bowls, hot curries or any homemade foods.

Bamboo cutlery set 

Vesica Cutlery set 54
Vesica Cutlery set 54

Perfect with the coconut bowl is a beautiful Vesica cutlery set with a natural wooden fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, bamboo straw and steel straw cleaner in a Vesica roll-up pouch. This is everything you need for a plastic-free lunch on the go rolled into one. Refuse all single-use disposable cutlery and take the environmentally responsible option. 

Both of these products are now available perfect gift bundle. Shop here.

Christmas gifts for travellers:

Shampoo Soap Bars

Vesica shampoo bars tins

We may not have been able to travel very far from our homes this year but, now that we can roam a little further, no traveller should be without a shampoo soap bar. They are plastic-free, easy for travelling and carry-on safe. These Vesica shampoo bars are scented only by nature in four gorgeous flavours and FDA approved.

Think of every toothbrush you’ve used in your lifetime. Now imagine where it is now, most likely in a land-fill. The Vesica bamboo eco-toothbrush is made from bamboo, a fast-growing sustainable material, which is perfect for creating strong handles for toothbrushes. The bristles are a perfect balance of softness and durability to ensure a gentle cleaning experience. No traveller should be without one of these toothbrushes. 

Gifts for adventure seekers: 

Water Bottle Case

Easily one of our best-sellers and top eco-gifts this year is the Vesica water bottle case. They help to provide a sustainable solution to global waste! Every Vesica water bottle case is truly hand-made and unique, from the character in the hard-wearing genuine leather grain, the laser detailing, the embossing to the thread colour. Adventure seekers will love the shoulder strap for days in the mountains, climbing or at the beach!

Tea Infuser 

Vesica tea infuser 1
Vesica tea infuser 1

Hiker and campers will love to keep their liquids hot in this bamboo coated stainless steel tea infuser. With a vacuum seal to insulate so that your tea or coffee can be kept hotter for longer, it can also be carried in a backpack or bag with confidence. The infuser also comes with a stainless steel basket for brewing loose tea leaves.

Christmas Gifts for festival lovers: 


Vesica bioglitter Gold chunky
Vesica bioglitter Gold chunky

If you know a regular festival-goer who loves a great piece of body art or glitter bling on your face, it’s time that they make the switch over to bio-glitter! Made entirely from cellulose, this glitter is 100% bio-degradable and does not cost the earth. Give them the gift that will help them to keep their sparkle without harming the planet.


Screenshot 2020 12 03 131245

Trendy, stylish and classic, these sustainable bamboo frames with a rich chocolate stain will have you the envy of the fashionable set. These frames are made from sustainable bamboo, approved by Mother Nature for their eco-friendly construction and polarised for healthy eyes. All our glasses come with a soft fabric case perfect for cleaning the lenses, as well as a gorgeous round bamboo hard case for keeping them safe.

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